At our luxury dental practice in Leeds, we’re proud to offer our patients Airflow teeth cleaning treatment. If you are suffering from discolouration and are longing for that whiter, brighter smile, our Airflow system is a non-invasive and effective way to achieve beautiful results.

Our experienced clinicians work hard to ensure that our patients leave our stylish practice feeling confident in their smiles. For a healthier mouth and a smile that you’re proud to show off, book your Airflow dental treatment today. 

What is Airflow tooth polishing? 

Airflow tooth polishing is a professional dental cleaning treatment. It involves the use of a spray of air, aesthetic polishing powder and a stream of water to remove surface stains and dental plaque.

Airflow’s impressive results are impossible to achieve with normal tooth brushing. Our Airflow dental treatment is used to remove surface staining that is generally caused by tea, coffee and red wine. Without damaging your teeth, Airflow can effectively clean them and provide you with a sparkling, fresh and healthy smile within only a few minutes. 

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What are the benefits of Airflow teeth cleaning?

There are many benefits to Airflow teeth cleaning, such as: 

  • Fast and effective cleaning — uses a controlled but powerful jet of water to quickly and non-invasively clean your teeth. 
  • Improved comfort — scaling and polishing cleaning techniques can feel uncomfortable as they tend to dig into the gums. Airflow does not involve any instruments coming into direct contact with your teeth. 
  • Flavoured treatment — patients have the option of choosing a flavoured treatment, such as spearmint. 
  • Pre-orthodontic treatment — our Airflow teeth cleaning system is ideal before any orthodontic treatment. Removing close to 100% of bacteria, the Airflow comfortably prepares your teeth for any orthodontic treatment such as bonding.

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