What are implant-retained dentures?


Maintaining good oral hygiene with implant-retained dentures

Are you tired of dealing with loose dentures that constantly cause worry and inconvenience?

At The Dental Architect, we have a revolutionary treatment that can transform your smile and restore your confidence.

Implant-retained dentures give you the freedom to eat and speak without hesitation. Let our compassionate clinicians in Leeds talk you through what implant-retained dentures are and how to maintain good oral hygiene after they have been placed.

What are implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are a type of dental restoration that combines the stability of dental implants with the functionality and aesthetics of dentures. They are designed to replace multiple missing teeth and remove the inconvenience of loose dentures.

The difference between implant-retained dentures and traditional dentures

At our luxury practice in Leeds, we proudly provide our patients with the most advanced and sophisticated dental treatments.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth with dentures, we offer two primary options - implant-retained dentures and traditional dentures.

These treatments differ significantly in terms of stability, comfort and overall functionality.

Implant-retained dentures offer a remarkable level of stability and security. They are anchored to dental implants that are surgically placed in the jawbone, providing a strong foundation for the dentures. This integration ensures that the dentures stay securely in place, allowing you to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Traditional dentures rest on the gums and rely on a dental adhesive for support. While they are usually a more affordable option, traditional dentures can sometimes be less stable and prone to slipping or shifting. They may require regular adjustments to maintain their placement.

What are the benefits of implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures have many benefits, including:

Enhanced stability — Securely anchored to dental implants, implant-retained dentures provide superior stability compared to traditional dentures. They allow you to speak, eat and smile without the fear of dentures slipping or falling out.

Improved chewing and speech — The stability provided by implant-retained dentures makes it easier to chew and speak. As implant-retained dentures provide a stable foundation for the tongue and lips, they help to prevent the slurring or mumbling that can occur with loose or ill-fitting dentures.

Comfortable — Implant-retained dentures are designed to fit more securely and comfortably in your mouth, reducing the gum irritation and discomfort often associated with traditional dentures.

Preserving jawbone health — Dental implants integrate with the jawbone, stimulating bone growth and preventing the bone loss that can occur with missing teeth. Implant-retained dentures help maintain the density of the jawbone, preserving facial structure and preventing a sunken appearance.

Natural appearance — Implant-retained dentures are custom-made to resemble natural teeth, ensuring a beautiful and natural-looking smile.

Confidence — With implant-retained dentures, you can regain your confidence and show off a healthy smile. The secure fit of the dentures provides a natural feel. With the peace of mind that your dentures won’t shift unexpectedly, you’ll have the confidence to continue with your daily activities as normal.

Are traditional dentures ever the better option?

There are some scenarios in which traditional dentures may be preferred to implant-retained dentures. The implant-retained dentures treatment process involves multiple steps, including implant placement, healing time and denture attachment. For patients who require an immediate tooth replacement, traditional dentures can be fitted quicker.

Implant-retained dentures require a certain level of jawbone density to support dental implants. If you have significant bone loss or insufficient bone structure, our clinicians may recommend traditional dentures.

Some patients may also prefer the convenience of being able to remove traditional dentures.

Our experienced clinicians in Leeds will take the time to discuss the best denture option for you.

Maintaining good oral hygiene with implant-retained dentures

Maintaining good oral hygiene with implant-retained dentures ensures their longevity.

You should brush your implant-retained dentures at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Make sure to brush your gums, tongue and any remaining natural teeth to remove bacteria and maintain oral health. Rinse your mouth with water or an antibacterial mouthwash after meals to keep your mouth clean and fresh. Our clinicians would also recommend flossing between your implant-retained dentures and your natural teeth to remove plaque and debris.

Why choose implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are a remarkable dental treatment that combines stability, comfort and improved oral health. By securely anchoring to dental implants, these dentures provide a natural-looking smile, making it easier to chew. With the ability to preserve jawbone health and maintain facial structure, implant-retained dentures truly transform lives.

Implant-retained dentures in Leeds

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